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I have been in love with art for more than 35 years. Since my beginnings as a graffiti artist, I found a way to freely express my thoughts, and my positions through cartoons with my humor always next to me.
I’ve always had a passion for the community. As an immigrant that was looking for a place in society, it brought me to black-and-white newspapers but my art is always full with arrays of colors, and as an escape from the gray of politics, I began using paint as an escape of the reality of the hardness of the day to day life.
I am a marketing engineer, my art is fueled by the many galleries, museums and trips I’ve been on. I am self-taught but also guided by the residencies of fellow artists to try different techniques, I have saved years of my art that I think it is time to show, and what better way if the majority of the pieces I’ve created was made using recycled materials.
In the short period of time so far that I have decided to present my hidden away pieces, I have received awards and have been chosen and exhibited in many places My ultimate goal is to continue bringing color to the people.