Town Center Park

We would like to have your input input to the new town center park proposal. Below is the email content and also the pdf’s that were presented to council. We would like to know your thoughts on this idea and if you would support it. After looking at the presentation slides send us a email at with your comments and or support.


Honorable Members of City Council:

At your meeting on Monday October 19, 2020 the attached slides will be presented to you as a draft plan for the eventual establishment of the Town Center Commons (former old library site) and how it fits into the framework and goals for the Town Center area. The plan was formulated by incorporating the items outlined in Ordinance No. C-59-19, see attached above.   Grove City Park Board heard this presentation at their regular bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday September 15, 2020 and received support from the members in attendance (support letter will be forthcoming).  The public will be invited to participate in viewing this presentation through social media postings in order to seek their input in the draft plan.  These documents are being provided early to give you the opportunity to formulate any questions or suggestions for the presentation.  Hopefully this will spur additional conversations and additional meetings on this matter.  Also copied are Mr. Andy Furr, Ms. Shawn Conrad, Mr. Gregg Smurthwaite and Ms. Dennise Hunt who have expressed interest in this area as well.  Thank you as always for your continued insight and support for community park projects and development.


Kim Conrad, Director

Grove City Parks and Recreation Department


Grove City Downtown Park Park Board Presentation