Secret Santa Donations

The name Secret Santa dates back to a time where children had the ability to participate discreetly and purchase gifts for parents, siblings, and friends and little to no cost.

We are looking to bring that theme back to Secret Santa once again. We are asking for your assistance in this endeavor by considering to donate financially to this endeavor. 100% of your money will be used to purchase items to stock the Secret Santa shop and 100% of the proceeds generated will be donated to the Grove City Food Pantry.

The purchase prices will range between $2.00 and $3.00. Although the price will be very low we will also offer a parental donation as well.

For each donation, no matter what the amount, your name will appear on the sponsor banner that will hang in the shop to identify your generosity.

We thank you for your consideration and donation.

Andrew Furr
Executive Director

Please use the secure PayPal Donate button below to contribute.