2024 Art Submissions

The application is at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to read all of the below before applying for the show. Direct Sales will not be accepted.
Deadline to apply is March 31. The jury will then make their decisions in the week after the deadline. Acceptance and denials will go out the following week. So if you do not get an email between the time you applied and the deadline, you will get one after the jury makes their decisions. 
Wine and art: significations of the finer things in life. Both can be enjoyed in the relaxed charm of the historical Heart of Grove City at their Wine and Arts Festival, June 14 from 5 to 10pm, and June 15, 11 am to 10 pm. Twenty Ohio wineries, including Grove City’s own Plum Run Winery, will offer tastings of their various vintages as well as glasses, and guests can find a new favorite beverage or get-away spot. The wineries will be complimented by many authors, artists and artisans as they create  treasures. Guests can expect everything from custom-made wooden furniture, to fine art, to vintage pieces.
Last year’s popularity, with approximately 25,000 attendees, promises that this year’s festival will be one that wine makers and artists won’t want to miss. This year all vendors can anticipate great exposure from City Scene Magazine and its circulation of 65,000, 614 MagazineColumbus MonthlySIP Magazine, and Ohio Wines .The venue will also be reported on digital and social media with a combined reach of over 175,000.The warmth and ease of summer enjoyed with friends in the streets of downtown Grove City and accented with wine and art is just what is needed after such a long and brutal winter. Tickets are available the day of the event.
The event is open to all artists who are at least 18 years of age. We are looking for high quality in the all mediums: painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture,jewelry, etc. All items must be hand-crafted by the artist. Items using pre-formed molds, kits or works made by anyone other than the entering artist will not be accepted. Direct Sales Companies are not permitted.
Application Deadline: 03/31/2024 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time
Images: 3 Images of work plus 1 booth image
Viewed: Individually
  • Jurors: 5 jurors
  • Scoring: 1-7
  • Jury/application Fee: $25 (nonrefundable)
  • Booth Space: $150
  • No discount for double booth
  • Artist Presence: Required of all artists: You must be present to exhibit. This includes collaborating artists.
  • Commercial studios involved in multiple or volume production should not apply to the show.
  • No. of Exhibitors expected from jury pool: 150
  • Parking: Free in surrounding public lot.
  • Limited storage space behind all booths
  • 5 amps of electricity will be available for $25 within 100′ of booth
  • Volunteer Booth Sitters available during all festival hours.
  • All booths are accessible by vehicles for set-up/tear-down.

The Vendor agrees to each and all clauses set forth in this agreement and identified in the HOGC application herein incorporated by reference. Failure by the     Vendor to abide by any clauses set forth in this agreement of the Wine and Art Festival, gives Grove City Town Center Inc.  (hereinafter known as HOGC) and/or the authorized agents of the HOGC, the right to (1) immediately terminate this agreement (2) require Vendor, immediately upon notice of violation of this agreement, to cease operations and vacate the premises, and (3) forfeit any and all fees paid to HOGC for the right and privilege of participating as a Vendor of the Wine and Art Festival. No clauses of this agreement may be changed in any way or altered without the written, signed permission of the HOGC.

1.  HOGC agrees to provide each the Vendor of the 2024 Wine and Art Festival with a 10 x 10 space.   The Vendor must provide their own tables, chairs and extension cords (if electrical power is requested).    In the event the Vendor fails to appear at the Festival and claim their reserved space by 4:00 PM, Eastern Time Zone, on the day of the event the HOGC reserves the right to assign, and or resell, such space to another prospective Vendor without further notice, nor refund, to the undersigned Vendor. If it appears, or it is necessary, for the undersigned Vendor to arrive later than the time noted above, it is the undersigned’s responsibility to notify and make arrangements with Andrew Furr, telephone number 614 539-8762.

2. Vendor agrees to obey all rules and instructions as directed by the HOGC Vendor Coordinators during the festival weekend; any failure to strictly adhere to such instructions may result in the immediate termination of this agreement and immediate forfeitures of any and all fees paid to the HOGC.

3. Vendor agrees and acknowledges that household pets, amplified sound, barbecue grills, within or around your designated booth space is strictly prohibited. Any violation herein shall be considered a material breach of this agreement by the Vendor and shall result in immediate termination of this agreement and forfeiture of any and all fees paid to the GCTC.

4. Vendor agrees and acknowledges abiding by all directions by the HOGC which seeks to protect the environment and infrastructure of City of Grove City and the safety of Festival patrons. Vendor hereby acknowledges its liability, and agrees to compensate the HOGC , for any damage(s) caused by, including but not limited to, its representatives, agents, employees, volunteers, members, vehicles, equipment, materials, objects to the environs and infrastructure of the park which causes the HOGC to pay for the repair, replacement, or other remuneration to the GCTC for such damage to the environs or infrastructure of the park.

5. Out of fairness and consideration of all Festival participants, Vendor acknowledges and agrees to only utilize such space contained within the confines of its booth, and not to extend beyond 3 feet directly in front of its booth, for any sales, distribution, or other solicitation by the HOGC participant.    Vendor acknowledges and agrees that they are strictly prohibited from “canvassing” or otherwise roaming the Festival Grounds in any effort to promote its booth’s purpose. The HOGC will make every reasonable effort, as allowed by law; to prohibit any unauthorized “canvassing.”

6. As a courtesy to other exhibitors and festival participants, any amplified sound and loud noise from your booth is prohibited. Additionally, the Vendor acknowledges and agrees that any material of an adult nature shall not be displayed.

7. The HOGC reserves the right to prohibit, within any Vendor booth or on the festival grounds, the display, advertisement, or other promotion of any business, company, or organization which may be in conflict with a current HOGC sponsor or preferred vendor. Any questions concerning current HOGC sponsors or preferred vendors should be directed to the Wine Festival Committee Chairman prior to the event.

8. Vendor shall not display, offer for view or sell any illegal or contraband items. The laws of the State of Ohio and local ordinances of the City of Grove City shall control. Vendor shall not display, offer for view or sell any items that are unlicensed and/or copies/interpretations of licensed or registered items at any and all sites and operations.

9. Vendor shall not display, offer for view, take orders for, sell, or solicit for donation any items
That are imprinted, emblazoned or marked in any manner with any and all the words “Wine and Art Festival.” Even when printed with other words, Vendors shall not offer phrases, logos or artwork with any variations of these words.

10. Vendors shall not sublet their space to anyone.

11. Vendor acknowledges and understands that they are responsible for sales and use tax and shall in no way hold the GCTC or its representatives responsible for any type of permits other than for the festival itself. Vendor is responsible for the acts, and all costs associated with, any and all its employees and volunteers. No Vendor shall hold itself out as an Agent of the GCTC.

12. Cancellations / Refund Policy / No Shows: A 75% refund will be given with a written request received by three weeks prior to the event date, if the space can be filled from an approved waiting list. No refunds will be given for any request received one week prior to the event date.

13. The HOGC will provide limited security at the festival site on the event date; however, the GCTC accepts no responsibility for items left overnight. Vendors are solely responsible for the security of all items in their booth at all times.
14. The HOGC makes no representation or guarantees towards actual festival attendance.
15. Vendor understands that the HOGC has no control over weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or governmental intervention, or any other cause that may prevent and alter and or interrupt, the festival weekend, and participants shall hold the HOGC harmless for any losses that could arise because of such event.
16. The HOGC reserves the right to place Vendors in a booth location at the complete discretion of the HOGC. The HOGC shall have sole and complete authority to place the participant in any location on the festival grounds, irrespective of the participant’s request. The HOGC makes no representation, nor does it guarantee any volume of “foot-traffic” of Festival Guests in any area of the grounds. The HOGC cannot speculate, nor control, the popularity of one area of the Festival over the other.
17. Vendor upon vacating their booth space (s) will ensure that such space shall be free of any and all trash or refuse with such being placed in the appropriate containers. Failure of the Vendors to clean their booth site may result in the future denial of Vendor participation and a cleaning fee imposed.
18. Vendor participant certifies that it maintains adequate liability insurance to cover any and all occurrences which may result in the damage or injury to any person who may be a patron within the confines of the Vendor participant’s booth space.
19. Please leave all pets at home.
20. Signs/Banners/Tents shall be made of a flame retardant material and proof of such fire retardant rating shall be made available to the GCTC Fire Marshal upon request. Failure to have such fire retardant rating information available could result in the immediate closure of the Vendor’s operation until such information is satisfactorily provided. Any losses or damages by Vendor are hereby waived against the HOGC, for failure to have such information readily available for inspection by the Fire Marshal.
Any modification of this agreement shall be null and void unless said modification is set forth in writing by the said parties.
This agreement incorporates all agreements and understandings, either oral and or written, between the parties and has not excluded any term contemplated prior to the signatures of the parties. This agreement has been read, understood and entered into freely, voluntarily and absent of duress by the parties signed below.
Tents can be provided at a cost that is charged to the organization, typically $135. Once the jury process is done and you have been invited to the show, you will be instructed to go to the payment page and pay for your booth space, electric if needed, and a tent if needed.
Please only press submit once. It may take some time for your artwork images to upload.