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The Honey House

The Honey House
Business Name:
The Honey House

The Honey House is a small business that promotes, educates and sells honey bee products and related goodds.

Exclusive product lines include raw (unprocessed/unfiltered) hony and honey bee related products. Pollen, propolis, wax, candles, soaps, beauty products, art, apparel, housewares and all things bee related and designed to amuse and delight you.

Mission: The House House is a result over over 40 years of working with honey bees. The passion and joy of working and living in harmony with honey bees contributes positivity to the world in a positive way. We strive to continually provide our customers with the best raw honey and related apiary products available within the State of Ohio.

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Street Address:
3937 Broadway
Owner or Manager:
Cynthia L. Davis
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