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Bourbon Tasting


Bourbon Tasting Barrel of Fun

By Lisa Morefield, Staff Writer

Grove City Town Center, home of the acclaimed Wine and Arts Festival, is hosting another can’t-miss event on Saturday, August 11, 2018: the annual Bourbon Tasting. Bourbon tasting is experiencing increased interest. The Grove City Town Center venue is a great place to be a bourbon-tasting beginner, with eight samples for just 20 dollars. Attendees can learn what they like from several varieties before investing in an entire bottle.

Planning to come, but new to this? You might benefit from some bourbon basics. A whiskey is deemed to be worthy of the name “bourbon” when it is made from at least 51% corn, which provides sweetness. It also includes rye or barley grains. No other additions but water, used to achieve the appropriate alcohol proof, is permitted. Bourbon also achieves this high standard whiskey quality because it is aged in new, oak-charred barrels for at least two years, some only in Kentucky. This whiskey can be mixed with soft drinks, with other mixers as in the Mint Julep, or is smooth enough to slide down all alone! Bourbon is decidedly American, rich with our country’s history and craftsmanship.



Save the date and become an official taster of this American tradition. See you on August 10, 2019, from 1 to 10 pm!

Tickets are $25 for 8 tickets and come with a glass for tasting.

Most bounons are one ticket per tasting but there are some that will be a higher ticket cost per tasting.


Here is the list for the 2019 Bourbon Festival.

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