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Words of Art

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I hand fold, cut, glue, and occasional paint to create flowers out of paper old books, sheet music, maps, storybooks, dictionaries, etc. I use other silk flowers to incorporate and make table centerpieces. I also use books to create sculptures out of books. I hand carve pages from books to create decorations such as pumpkins, vases, snowmen, and Christmas trees. I use vintage teapots, and other items to create bouquets and displays. In addition to that I can create wreaths, crosses that can be displayed by hanging on the wall. I can personalize items by using family books, books that contain loved ones hand writing and other sentimental value, etc. Flowers have been used as a keep sakes that family members can keep at funerals and weddings. I have even used pages and children’s books to create keepsakes for baby showers. Every flower is hand made and folded so that no two flowers are exactly the same. Flowers can be put on stems, used to decorate presents, Christmas trees, house decorations, table center pieces, memorial gifts, graduation gifts etc. I have even provided flowers to create wedding bouquets, wedding cake decorations, and prom corsages and boutonnieres.