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JL Vision

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I use a slab construct technique to create each one of my textured dishes. I wheel throw my garlic keepers and use a New York style cut on my olive dishes. My two clay bodies i use are icelia porcelain and Navajo wheel. I also use coyote brand, food safe glazes. I create around 50 plaster drape molds at a time using a 3 part negative process, hand texturize using a carving tool, and hand press 6 inch slabs of clay, from my slab roller, to create the texture of the dish. I dry for 12 – 24 hours depending on weather, hand scrub with a sponge, bisque at 04, scrub again , glaze, and fire at cone 05 oxidation. All of my pieces are originals so not one piece will look or feel the same. my customers love the fact that all of my pieces are beautiful works of art as well as functional ceramics that you can use in the kitchen.