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j. jane Art and Photography

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The booth image is from the recent Avant-Garde Arts and Crafts show in Hilliard. Unfortunately, the booths were very close together, so the people you see in the photo are other vendors who sat behind me to display their goods in the opposite isle. (They were extremely nice, but ignore their presence, please!) The photo montage displays an array of things i create. The photo shows four hand painted wooden dome bangles, two sets of beaded earrings, a beaded bracelet watch, a beaded breast cancer awareness bookmark, a display of painted wooden rings on my hand, a full five decade scarlet and gray Ohio State rosary with buckeye beads for the Our Father and the first strand Hail Mary beads, and a copper and beaded necklace with a glass cabochan of St. Gertrude, the patron saint of cats. ( In total I hand paint unfinished sustainable wood bangles, rings, keychains, earrings, wine stoppers, serving utensils, and other miscellany with non-toxic acrylics in floral, Mehndi and holiday patterns and designs. I also hand make full, pocket chaplet, bracelet and children’s rosaries, charm bracelets, beaded bracelet watches, beaded earrings, flapper length long beaded necklaces, beaded keychains and beaded bookmarks. I have recently also begun to introduce a number of Ohio State versions of all of those things.) The third picture is a scarlet and gray Ohio State pocket chaplet rosary with a polymer clay buckeye for the Our Father bead. The final photo is a wooden dome bangle with a black and white Mehndi-like design. As you can see, I am extremely prolific and have an insatiable desire to create. I like to consider all of my pieces wearable art. Thanks for the opportunity to show them to you!