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E Pluribus Ltd. creates luxury, one of a kind, clean artisan candles and related gifts. From candles that are topped with real semiprecious gemstones, to those that look like mouthwatering desserts, to hyper realistic succulent/cacti, there is something for you and everyone on your gift list at this booth. All creations are crafted by hand, small batch with a high attention to detail and quality. The owner is a star Etsy seller for years and has a desire to bring the fun of Etsy to her live events.

**This application is for selling handmade crafts (year 2 at the show, hopefully!) and is not for ‘jury’ judging on artistic awards. I’d love to be by my friend Rebecca Jarret (Garden of Gems) if possible, if not, anywhere is awesome! Thank you! I had SUCH a great experience at this show last year start to finish, everyone was so nice, and it ran smoothly.